Deadline: 2023-08-01

Category: Overseas missions

Job Title: Coordinateur Programme SAME / EHA (H/F) – Niamey, Niger

Company: Solidarites International

Contract Type: Short-Term Contract

Duration of the Mission: 12 months

Location: Niamey


As the Technical Referent on the mission, contribute to the elaboration of Solidarites International’s programmatic strategy in Niger.

Ensure that proposed technical and methodological approaches are high quality and relevant, while being aligned with activities, population needs, and regional/association strategies.

Coordinate project cycles and participate in all phases of project management.

Coordinate with operational and institutional partners; participate in sectoral or technical exchange platforms at a national level.

Accompany and mentor existing EHA teams and upcoming SAME teams.

Conduct EHA/SAME diagnostics for project implementation.

Develop intervention methodologies and ensure that SI expertise is present in EHA/SAME.

Assist with setting up the SAME sub-department through developing an expertise in transfers of agricultural production aids; legitimize these sectors with communities and partners.

Promote innovations such as mobile technology use for SAME/EHA fields.

Represent SI both on the SAME/EHA cluster level along with operational partners as coordination RRM representation especially.


– Master’s degree in international relations, development & humanitarian action sciences/politics or similar OR
– Experience working as a responsible manager in projects/programs ideally as Coordinator of same departments for five years.
– At least 3 years’ prior experience working as a humanitarian worker required.
– Prior experience working within difficult security zones with strict safety protocols required.
– Demonstrated technical skills in SAME; knowledge about EHA necessary.
– A previous emergency context experience essential;
– Methodological expertise required when designing transfer programs,
In-depth understanding about SEERA program management
Preferably an SU background related to this post with SI
– Excellent French language proficiency required

– Leadership and management skills required,
Excellent organizational planning, and prioritization capacity
Outstanding written communication skills in French as well as being proficient in English is preferred.
Flexibility and adaptability to find quick solutions are desired.


Contract Status: CDD

Salary/Allowances: Starting from 2,640 euros gross/month depending on experience and seniority at SI plus paid leave monthly at 10% of the gross salary.
Per Diem: 550/Month
Medical Coverage: Medical expenses coverage is 100%, repatriation insurance.
Leave Period: Expats benefit from 7 working days all months of mission every three months. An indemnity of USD850 is included for every leave period except the R&R.
Housing Allowance & Transport Coverage: Housing costs are covered in a shared guest house that has all necessary facilities including electricity provided by the electric company with backup generator access, access to internet services, cable television. All transport costs between location of domicile contractually agreed upon by SI and place of mission also falls under this provision.
Living Conditions: In Niamey, there are sports infrastructure setup such as gymnasiums, football fields etc.; libraries available within Niamey’s city center. There is no curfew for expats residing within the capital.

COVID-19 Regulations:
SI recommends candidates receive their vaccinations before deployment if possible to reduce logistic constraints during missions; only vaccines approved by WHO are recommended

How To Apply:

Qualified applicants should submit both CVs alongside their motivation letter(s) in French or else application won’t be accepted.

Please note that Solidarites International has a strict policy against any form of discrimination through recruitment processes while adhering strictly to its Charter and Code of Ethics and Conduct.

No financial participation will ever be requested for recruiting fees during this recruitment process.