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What to Expect During an Interview in Dubai, UAE

All job seekers must know well that being called up for an interview is a great opportunity. We are living in the times when jobs are very scare which requires every job seeker to be prepared with the necessary interview tips. It is sometimes hard to avoid having an interview if you want to get a job. For that reason, this article will help to give you an insight of what takes place during an interview.

During a written interview all you should expect is psychometric testing or sitting for an aptitude test. You may wonder what a psychometric test or an aptitude test might be, but these are not any different from the usual maths and English questions that you have been meeting since your junior school. You might be told to read a certain composition and answer the questions that follow. In other circumstances you might be told to write a short composition with a given number of words or to rearrange some words to make a meaningful sentence

If an interview involves mathematical questions, you should expect to deal with topics like sets, probability questions, and solving simple equations.

The advice I can give you is that you should not expect much from a written interview. Most of them consist of aptitude tests though the company can decide to change the format of a written interview. The company might decided to pose questions related to your job and your personality. In that case you find questions like “In less than 100 words write about your self?”

If the company decides to go orally, here are some of the questions that you should expect.

– What is your name?

– What Job have you applied for?

– Talk about Your self

– What do you know about the Company?

– If given this Job what will you do for the company?

– What is your salary Expectations?

Some questions which related to your personal life might be asked, For example, if you are a female, they can ask you whether you have a boyfriend or if you’re pregnant and may be about the father of your child if you say you have one. Questions which related to private life are normally asked by the interviewers to find out if you can control your emotions. Make it a point to answer to keep your keep when being asked interview questions which relate to your private life if you not want to lose out on the job you applied for.

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