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Tips on How to Maintain Your Job

The search for a job is great undertaking to many, characterized by dropping countless application letters, undergoing many interviews and much more. Just like the efforts of searching for a job, so should your efforts to maintain it be.

The job market is so competitive characterized by companies adapting to any upcoming technology to increase production at the minimum costs, increasing efficiency and quality, competition among companies and many job seekers. It calls for investing time, resources and commitment to maintain a job.
Invest in your job

This calls for sparing resources to acquire additional knowledge tirelessly without getting at any level of self contentment. This has become much of a clique in the job market, At least no chief executive officer’s forum, business meeting, workshop or seminar will end before anyone emphasizes the need to update ones skills. But it is worth mentioning because it is now necessary for the progress of any organization.

With the continuous changes and advancement in technology companies continue moving towards adapting the latest technologies to take the advantage of increased production, increased efficiency and perhaps quality. What does this mean for an employee? It means continuous research to acquire new skills that can march ones skills with the latest technology.

Organizations now search highly skilled workers who can adapt to continuous changes produced by computers and other new technologies, employees who will adapt to continuous branding of products due to changes and unpredictable consumer demands.

Meet your employer’s expectations
An employee however bad will not do away with an employee who is meeting the expectations his or her expectations unless under grounds of unfairness.
Meeting an employer’s expectation may include managing outstanding tasks or performing more than your bosses’ prospects. With such an attitude it is hard to lose your job.

Appeal to your bosses emotions
This calls for mastering the attitudes of your employer and making yours appealing. Roy Garn in his book, The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal says that untold numbers of employers are losing a great deal of money and experienced employees because of unnecessary personality clashes!
“Isn’t it shameful that “personality clashes” cause trained, qualified employees to be fired or quit their jobs?” He asks
He says that education for a job or profession is meaningless unless it teaches how to communicate what you learn, to communicate successfully, you must reach others emotionally.

Learn how to live in harmony with other employees.
Mastering the art of team work and going along well with other employees also enables one to maintain his or her job. This gives an impression to your boss that you can work together as a team to meet the set goals of the organization.

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