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Tips on Getting Your First Job in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi

Many people get their first jobs when they are still studying. In most cases these are part time jobs work mostly not in the field of ones career, but some work just pursued to earning a living.

If this work is not at all related to the career you are pursuing, this carries some little advantages like learning workplace etiquette, teamwork and how to cope with employers among others. You still have the task of getting the real job in line with the career you are pursuing.

Searching for the first time job with a career from campus is a challenge to many. In this case writing an application letter, an appealing curriculum CV, and the experience at a job interview is all assumed to be difficult.

On top of that, the lack of experience may lower down ones moral to apply for good jobs. Many young people fear that it is out of great luck that they can get job when hiring mangers mostly consider experienced applicants. The experience of two years, five or more should not worry you as well.Every one starts with no experience. Below are some tips that will help you to get your first job.

Getting the experience

Just like the hiring mangers require, it is true that you will need experience to get any job. In this case you must be ready to volunteer in non-profit organizations or any organisation that can offer you an opportunity. A volunteering opportunity gives you a chance to explore the real work done in the field of your career. If such opportunities are not advertised any where, you can move out and make direct contacts with human resource mangers, you can also send emails. You are better off than one just waiting.

Make research about your industry

Find out the questions asked at interviews, the dressing code relevant for your profession. Read a lot about information related to your target industry,the current trends in the industry, the challenges faced and the opportunities.With such information employers will know that you are interested in your profession.

Going about interviews

Appearing before the first panel should not make you nervous. Even if you do not get the job with your first interview, take note of the questions that were not answered correctly. Consult experienced friends, human resource officers with in your reach or various experts on line how to go about these questions.This will help you answer them correctly at the next interview.

Writing a first CV

Be truthful, do not lie about any experience you do not have.Many fresh gradates worry about what to fill on their CV s with out any experience. On your Curriculum Vitae you can include your details, educational background, and computer skills if you have any. Include course units relevant to your desired job, your accomplishments at all levels, personal characteristics or any work history.

Applying for the job

Seek advice of how to write a good application letter, you can make research on how to write a good application letter online or consult from friends. It is good to review a variety of applications to find out the best way to write yours.

Make research about the company you want to join

Employers will be impressed by some one who knows their company than one who knows nothing about what they do, their products or services. While you searching for a job in an organisation take time to research about it.

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