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Standing Out During a Job Interview

When you are applying for a job, you have to put in considerations that there are other applicants that have applied for the same job. The question is how you stand out of the thousands of the applicants and here are some ways;

How you write your Curriculum Vita is very important;
Your curriculum vita is very important for you to stand out. Make sure it sells you even before they talk to you face to face. There are things that should be described clearly like your education back ground and your work experience, single out your weaknesses and strength, your knowledge and skills and amazing accomplishments like projects. Secondly, get to know the latest format of how they write CVs so that you do not look out of fashion in your CV. After writing your CV proof read it to make sure there are no mistakes and take time to know it at your finger tips so that when they ask you something about it you will be able explain as it is.

Know the best practices followed during an interview;
Interview begins from when the company Human Resource gives you a call. While answering the call don’t use slug and address the person as ‘sir’ or “madam” and don’t put him or her off unless he does it himself and be audible that is for the phone interview.
For face to face interviews come earlier than the time you were expected to arrive and read a news paper to relax your mind, when the time comes for you to be interviewed, be relaxed avoid trembling and have self confidence.
When you reach the Human Resource’s office don’t sit before he or she tells you to, don’t chew while answering, and be attentive to the questions giving clear answers in other words be straight forward.

Give much attention to your cover letter;
Your cover letter should stand out from the rest. It should have the correct Job title, correct English and written in the right format and neat. Your cover letter should be able to unveil you before your CV is looked at. This will single you out from the rest.

The dress code matters a lot;
When you are going for the interview dress in way that shows that you are a responsible person. Avoid trousers, miniskirts and jeans depending on which environment you are in.

Have knowledge about the company;
Some people go for interviews when they don’t even know the name of the company and may be what they deal in. some companies want you to know their mission, vision and what they do.

Know the job you are going to. If it is a practical job practice all those areas and have them at your figure tips because they definitely ask them
And finally thank the Human Resource after the Interview.

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