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Over Coming Work Stress

It may take some time to realize that you are stressed at the work place on the other hand one may describe a simple condition at the workplace like anger or a disappointment as work stress. There are other forms of stress besides the work stress.There is stress in relationships and family or political stress.

Work stress may be either good or bad. Good stress is positive in ones performance. It prevents one from relaxation in terms of achieving the set goals and targets at work or meeting deadlines among other things.

However with work over load, pressure to perform, a poor working environment for instance working in a noisy place yet the work calls for a lot of concentration, working in a dirty environment, insecurity,fear of demotion or layoff. This becomes bad stress

This is a silent killer, it also has health implications.One can get increased blood pressure, increased production of stomach acids, frequent headaches, back aches, muscular aches, pains, sleep difficulties and other effects to the body
Prolonged work stress may even lead to diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, asthma, psoriasis, peptic ulcers or digestive disorders.Others end up taking drugs or alcohol which is more harmful.

There are many ways of overcoming work stress, some of the remedies lie in the hands of employers while other remedies lie in the hands of workers themselves.

The Employers responsibility
Employers should give manageable tasks
The conner stone of employers overcoming work stress among employees is ensuring that they give out tasks that employees can manage. Work overload is a major cause of work stress in many companies.

Give a clear job description to employees
There should be a clear and realistic job description of jobs in the organisation; this is to make their responsibilities clear than living them to wonder about a variety of responsibilities.

Ensure effective communication
Layoffs, promotions or any information affecting workers should be communicated clearly. This is to prevent them from working with panic about unclear information.

Create a conducive working environment
Employers should also ensure that they create a conducive working environment for their workers.

Organisational counselors
Employers should also have counselors at the workplace to counsel stressed workers. The counselors should also be able to regularly sensitize workers about the dangers of stress and how to manage it.
The employee’s responsibility

Exercise regularly
This helps the blood vessels to open up and a smooth flow of blood is initiated, it keeps the body active and functioning well.

Get enough rest
Always design your daily routine work schedule and do not commit your self to do what you cannot do especially after work.

Mind about time management
Always be early at work so that you can accomplish the assignments in time.

Go out
Have fun and enjoy your self, go to night clubs, go to the beach and have some good time with your kids if you have.You can play with them and let them tell you what they have experienced during the day.

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