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You can now easily get Jobs in Dubai unlike it was before. Dubai has opened up greatly to foreign workers and expats who are actively backing up the small Dubai native population.  However, there are many people who have failed to get Jobs in Dubai due to many reasons. Many of those come to Dubai with Visits Visas which expire before they get Jobs . This article is going to be of very great help for those who want to get Dubai Jobs. Keep reading

About Dubai

Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates, the others being Abu Dhabi,  Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm al Quwain. However, Dubai is the most developed Emirate of UAE and many Job seekers concentrate on Dubai as a job hunt ground.  The city has emerged as the major city of the Middle East and a global city of business. This has led to availability of jobs in many sectors like tourism, aviation, real estate, financial services, construction and others. The city now has nearly 3000000 residents

Common Jobs in Dubai

There are a variety of jobs in Dubai, but some are not as common as others. There are also many high end jobs but they normally require some good experience and they have great competitions. The most readily available jobs are the low end jobs like

Nanny Jobs

Driver Jobs

Security Guard Jobs

Customer Care Jobs

Domestic Worker Jobs

Waiter and Waitress Jobs

Cleaning Jobs

Sales Marketing Jobs

And many other jobs.

Dubai Job Search

Searching for Jobs in Dubai is not as tricky as many people may think, there are many offices, shops, malls and companies which always need workers.  Many people who come to Dubai always print hundreds of CVs which they drop in many places. This looks to be a popular way of finding jobs in Dubai but we are going to see some easier ways. However, this method, though tiresome, but it really works. Dropping your CVs in offices, shops, supermarkets, companies, hotels, restaurants, malls and other places in Dubai has been a successful gamble in the past. It is always good to have some money on you so that you don’t walk by foot to all places, in some places you can take up a bus or a taxi to simplify on your movements

Jobs in Dubai Websites

For many people looking for Jobs in Dubai, the first point of contact are the online job portals. Fact is, these job portals have been of a great help to many people looking for jobs in Dubai. Here is a list of the top 3 websites for Jobs in Dubai

GULF Scout

GULF Scout is now a jobs in Dubai website. Actually, that whey you are even here. Its because you were able to find us. GULF Scout is very easy to navigate of you need a Job in Dubai. There is a full category of Jobs in Dubai which you just click on so easily. You will even be able to instantly chose a job category which you want. At, you can even register to get Jobs in your Email for free. You will then get latest Dubai Jobs in your Email daily. GULF Scout also updates with current jobs in Dubai daily.


This one is a great site for those who need Jobs in Dubai. Bayt also lists jobs for all other countries in the Middle East like Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, and Qatar. They also have a great ranking in search Engines. Bayt also updates with current jobs in Dubai

Well, there are so many websites for Jobs in Dubai and a job seekers is advised to check out multiple job portals. Since Dubai is an expensive city, staying without a job can really be costly. That’s why it would not hurt to check out all the available options for jobs in Dubai


Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Well, Dubai has a good number of Recruitment agencies which help people get Jobs. Below is a list of the most popular one


Also known as NADIA Recruitment & Management Consulting, This is one of the largest Recruitment agencies in Dubai. Founded in 1983, Nadia has been instrumental in shaping the recruitment and training industry in the GCC region for many years. Nearly a half a million people have so far found Jobs In UAE and Dubai through Nadia. You can visit Nadia offices at Sheikh Zayed Road ,Al Moosa Tower – 2, Level 23, Dubai


Charterhouse Middle East

Charterhouse is a popular recruitment agency with lots of jobs in Dubai. The company opened the Middle East office in 2004 and has since been active in helping job seekers find jobs not only in Dubai but also in other places of UAE and neighboring countries . If you want to know how Chaterhouse can help you to get a job in Dubai, please visit them at their office at Suite 302 Maze Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


ManpowerGroup is one of the largest recruitment agencies in Dubai. Many people in Dubai have got jobs through them; they also have a strong global foothold present in more than 80 countries.  ManpowerGroup serves both large and small organizations across all industry sectors through four main brands and offerings and many large and companies In UAE depend on them for their recruitment needs. Job seekers in Dubai can visit Man Power Group at Building 1, Office 204, Dubai Internet City

Robert Half

Robert Half is one of the oldest recruiting firms in the whole world dating as far as 1948. They also have a very strong presence in UAE and they are very trusted. Robert Half is a recognised leader in professional staffing and consulting services. You can submit a CV with them for easy reference to you in case they get a job matching you. You can also visit their offices for more Jobs at Dubai International Financial Centre, (DIFC) Gate Village 1, Level 1

Micheal Page

This is one international recruitment firm which I did not want to leave out. Micheal Page has a lot of employers in Dubai who depend on them for their recruitment needs.  You can also bank your CV with Micheal Page to make you job search easy. Alternatively, you can visit their offices at Al Fattan Currency House Tower -1. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) , Office No. 202, Dubai,

Other Recruitment Agencies

Dubai has many recruitment Agencies and its not very possible to write about all of them, however, some other goods one for those who need jobs in Dubai include; Hays, UHRS, BacMe , HerTz Consultancy, Reach Group, Alnahiya, Empower Recruitment, Candorz, Manpower Supply, Experts Recruitment, Sparkmos, Star Services, Kawader, Sumaco and many others

You can take your CV to any of them and they will surely help you in your Job search

Dubai Jobs Tips

There are some simple rules which must be followed if you really want to get Jobs in Dubai easily. You can go though them below;

Be Social

As the old saying goes, no man is an island, being social is one of the key issues which will help you to quickly get that job in Dubai. Join Whatsapp groups of your community, it can be communities of your home country or even people of related interests like Job seekers who are already in Dubai. Many Jobs opportunities in Dubai are always shared through these groups and very many people have got jobs through them. There are also many facebook groups and pages which are specifically for Jobs in Dubai. Many of those groups share information on the latest Walk in interviews in Dubai

Organize your CV

Make sure you have a well written and well organized CV, it is better to give your CV to your friends so that they can give you a fair critique. Be fair with your CV by avoiding lies. A good CV will land you a job in Dubai faster.

Dubai News Paper Jobs

You can also find latest jobs in Dubai from news papers. Most news papers in Dubai have careers sections where new jobs are posted. Its a good idea to always have a copy and apply

Security Tips

There are many conmen who are bent on scamming desperate Job seekers in Dubai. Many of them even go far as posting fake jobs on some Dubai Jobs websites so as to collect people’s information. They will then pretend to offer a job to a job seeker and ask for money in the process. Job seekers in Dubai are advised never to pay any money to any one claiming to offer a job in exchange for money. The Dubai laws even do not allow asking for money from job seekers. The employer is supposed to pay for the Visa of the employee.


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