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How to Pass an Interview

Many people have failed to get the jobs of their dreams just because they are so lazy when it comes to preparing for interviews. Below are the methods which you should use if you want to be successful during an interview;

Research more about the interview questions that the interviewers are more likely to ask you. You should be prepared to answer questions related to your work history, about your self, what you can do, salary expectations and your future expectations. Some times, you might be asked questions which seem to be embarrassing and provocative in nature just for the sake of testing your IQ and reasoning capacity.

Get to know more about the company where you’re being called for an interview. This will help you to answer questions related to the company well and correctly. You have to know the company history, when it started, what is does, who heads it and its mission and vision statements. ‘Tell us more about this company’ is a very common interview question, for that reason, you have to research about the company where you are to be interviewed. You can get the company information and back ground from the company’s website in case it has one. In case it does not have, you can arrive at the company a bit early and ask the workers any information you might need.

You should be well versed with your resume or CV. You have to know every thing that you stated down in your resume so that you can easily defend your self in case you are asked any questions related to your resume.

Try as much as possible to be on time. It is advisable to arrive some minutes earlier so that you cool down a bit before going into the interview room or meeting the interview panel. You have to wake up early and travel early enough.

You have to dress appropriately. Try to be as decent as you can. Try to give the interview panel a good first impression since this will earn you some marks later on.

Let the interviewers lead you, do not interrupt them, and also make sure that you answer only those questions you have been asked

Remember to say thank you after the interview session and followup on the results. If you are not successful, it would be good if you pin down the reasons why you failed the interview so that you do not make the same mistakes again.

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