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Having Good Relations with your Co Workers

The relationship you have with co-workers can greatly affect your work performance. It can make you fail, succeed or even hate your work. Here are some ways you can have a good relationship with your co-workers.

Be good to others
If you work in an organization or company try as you can to be good to others. Don’t do something to your co-worker that you don’t want to be done to you.

Stop Gossiping
Don’t talk about people behind their backs. If you do, people will not confide in you. Mind your own business.

Support Others
Be friendly, supportive and co-operative. Try to develop a reputation for being an easy person to work with. Never wait for tomorrow to help your friends if you can do it now. Help your co-workers when they need your help.

Take Responsibility
Take responsibility of what you are assigned with. If you are in a team, try and see that everyone in it is involved and they are participating as expected. People will like you and believe me they will be happy to work with you and you will also be happy with your work.

Good Communication Skills
Communicate well with others. It could be someone below or above you. Listen to everyone’s view on any discussion and give them all the attention they need. If you don’t agree with what they have said and need to give your opinion, do it in a good way. Respect their opinion. Communicate in a relaxed, patient and pleasant manner. People respond much better to calm discussion than to anger, or commands.

Respect Others
Respect others the way you would like them to respect you. Don’t treat people according to their financial status, age, background, the way they look or their positions at work. Respect everyone and treat them equally. If you do so, everyone at work will be proud to work with you.

Treat everyone well
Don’t treat others in a way to make them feel that they are not important to the company or organization. This will make people hate their work and as a result they will end up performing badly at work. People will end up hating you.

Seek advice and help when you need it
Don’t be this kind of person who thinks that they can do well with out anyone’s advice or help. Ask your co-workers for advice and help when you need it. This will create a good relationship with your co- workers.

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