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Dubai, UAE Jobs That Can Drive You Crazy

In the world many people do different jobs in order to earn an income for life sustenance. There are many different jobs that can avail the incomes that one needs but there are those that can drive you really mad. In some jobs shouting is the order of day, if you cannot shout then you will not be able to earn. Others are so scary that at most times and every day you’re left with weird and scary memories. Some of the jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE as a whole that can drive you nuts include;

Nursery or Day Care Attendants.

Without love for children one cannot handle this job even though she/he is well trained to do the job. This job involves changing diapers each and every time, training them to live with one other, share and teach them how to adapt to the real world life. You need to control your temper while doing this job and be accommodative enough because at this stage children are so inventive and have the desire to discover more in life. This calls for destroying property and accidents which arise from playing. At this stage the children also need a lot of attention. Even though your one person all of them need your attention and comfort.

Market Vending

Here comes a job where survival for the fittest works. If you cannot shout and persuade customers to buy your goods then you’re out of business. This job is so tiresome and stressing because it involves a lot of shouting and talking.

Psychiatric Doctors and aides

Now we are dealing with people who are mentally ill, they speak out anything which crosses their minds and repeat the same mistakes that you forbid them to do. It also involves using a lot of energy while administering medication and being accommodative enough. The psychiatric aides feed the patients, dresses them, bath them, clean their rooms and make their beds. This is a physically stressing job since you don’t have to show any sign of stress to the already stressed people.

Mortuary attendant.

This is the worst of all. This job can deprive you of the desire to eat meat in fact it changes you to be a vegetarian. This one involves handling dead bodies who died of different diseases and from different incidents. This job requires gentle violence in order to do it well. The job involves embalming which consists of draining blood, removing gases from the stomach, stitching the mouth and eyes so that they do not open at any one time. This job runs for 24 hours though they work in shifts. Mortuary attendants are like doctors and their roles and duties can be performed by doctors.

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