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Dubai, UAE Jobs, How to Keep It

The rate of unemployment is rising day by day in many countries; it is not that the victims do not have the skills or experience that is mostly adored. They too have the skills and knowledge for the same job you have. In most cases it is because opportunities are less than the number of job seekers.

It is now worse that there is a lot of competition and a continuous need for efficiency in different companies and businesses, employers continue to look out for the best workers who can help them achieve their aims. How do you keep your job?

Prove to employer that you the right person they require
To keep your job you have to prevent your employer from looking else where for better workers than you. Prove that you are the right person they require. To make a good strategy of keeping your Job, explore the direction your organisation is heading, look at their goals, mission and make an effort to ensure that organisation achieves them. The organisation can risk losing you.

Follow rules and regulations set
The rules and regulations in companies are set in a way that they should guide them achieve their goals and missions. Follow guidelines concerning time management by being a good manger. Report to work in time, and use the recommended time for both lunch and tea breaks.

Hard Work
Fulfilling your employers targets and meeting deadlines will help you keep you job as well. Many employers are interested in employees who are committed and focused. To prove that you are a committed employee, you can perform even more than the set target.

It is good to present a record of your good performance to your employer periodically in a well written report. Certainly you will get a good appraisal to help you survive layoffs or demotions.

Ensure Good Work Relations
You should be a good team worker and avoid unnecessary complaints. Gossip should be avoided as well; it spoils relations at the work place. You will lose good relations among other employees, become uncomfortable and opt to leave your job.

Extend help to fellow workers if they need it, this promotes team work at the organisation, employers long for employees who can work well with others.

Be Flexible
Flexibility is a very important factor if you want o keep your job. Do all assignments given to you even if they are out of your job description. Take it easy to work for longer for longer hours on some days. Adapt to any changes at the company for your value to be realised.

Keep Your Thoughts to Your Self
Avoid careless talk about your dissatisfaction with the company at the work place. Keep it to your self. Your co workers might pass on the information to you bosses.This may force them to replace you with people who love the company.

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