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Dubai, UAE Interviews : How to Pass Them

During an interview, the interviewer is seeking the right person to take on the job of the well being of the company, while a job seeker is making an effort to take on the job of interest. The power of losing the job or acquiring it lies in the power of the job seeker.

It is up to an individual to sell him or her self before the interviewer to prove that he or she is the right person they are searching for, the right person to work with.

Before the interviewing panel even capable people lose good jobs as a result of failing to sell themselves well or making some mistakes. Here are some tips on how to pass a job interview.

Dress well

The first impression matters. Dress professionally based on the image of that particular organisation. The interviewer will consider you as a right person who can fit into that organisation, one who can emphasize the organisation good image or improve it. No matter how bright you are dressing poorly may make you lose the job.

Arrive early

Arriving at the interviewing premises 20 or 25 minutes earlier enables you to relax. For a lady you can visit the restroom and check your hair, your make up if you applied any. For a gentleman, you can check you collar or your trousers in case you forgot to zip up. This is the right time to put your self in order to appear decent before the interviewing panel.

Sell yourself with your achievements

If asked about your achievements, talk about the good things you did at your previous company, the problems you solved, how you reduced at the cost of production, how you saved the image of the organisation among others. Don’t fear to mention any good thing you have done even if it happened at your high school or campus. It may add you a credit.

Tell the truth

Do not lie about anything concerning your work history. Many people before the interviewing panel are tempted to lie bout their work experience. They do this to give an impression that they have the experience required for that particular job. With that lie, the hiring mangers are forced to ask questions to justify your experience. It is better to tell the truth about your working experience and let employers decide whether to give you the job or not.

Do not sit before you are told

However tired you are, arrive in the interviewing room, stand and wait until you are offered a seat. This is a sign of humility and obedience.

Maintain eye contact

Throughout the interview, maintain eye contact, look into the eyes of the person talking to you. This does not mean that you stare at the interviewer, for a lady the look should be sincere; do not look at the male interviewer with a sexy look. It will create a bias and portray am image of immorality. Look at someone with confidence, to emphasize a point, do not look down, it’s a sign of fear.

Avoid strong perfumes

If your interviewers hates that particular perfumed you are wearing, he or she will find ways of getting rid of you. It is worse when he or she is allergic to it. Your presence will give him or her bad memory even if you answered the questions correctly.

There are many things that can help one pass an interview, other things include sitting upright, talking only when asked to do so, greeting the interviewers among others. Some elements require your common sense

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